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Schiesser Push-up bra weiß Discount Ebay spNXwzZt
Material & care

Outer fabric material:  90% polyamide, 10% elastane

Fabric:  Jersey

Care instructions:  Hand wash only


Detail:  Padded bra, push-up bra, removable padding, underwire bra

Fastening:  Back closure

Pattern:  Plain

Article number:  S5981A01U-A11

Schiesser Push-up bra weiß Discount Ebay spNXwzZt Schiesser Push-up bra weiß Discount Ebay spNXwzZt Schiesser Push-up bra weiß Discount Ebay spNXwzZt Schiesser Push-up bra weiß Discount Ebay spNXwzZt


Lumen , an immersive, interactive installation by Jenny Sabin Studio, will be on view in MoMA PS1’s courtyard during summer 2017. Winner of The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1’s annual Young Architects Program, this year’s structure evolves over the course of the day, with responsive textiles that display subtle color in sunlight and emit glowing light after sundown. Made of over 1 million yards of digitally knitted fiber, Lumen 's large-scale cellular canopies feature 250 hanging tubular structures, 100 robotically woven recycled spool stools, and a misting system that responds to visitors’ proximity. Socially and environmentally responsive, Lumen ’s adaptive architecture is inspired by collective levity, play, and interaction as the structure transforms throughout the day and night, responding to the density of bodies, heat, and sunlight. The result of collaboration across disciplines, Lumen applies insights and theories from biology, materials science, mathematics, and engineering—integrating high-performing, formfitting, and adaptive materials into a structure where code, pattern, human interaction, environment, geometry, and matter operate together. Lumen serves as the setting for the 20th season of Warm Up , MoMA PS1’s pioneering outdoor music series.

The other finalists for the Young Architects Program 2017 were Bureau Spectacular (Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant), Ania Jaworska, Office of III (Sean Canty, Ryan Golenberg, and Stephanie Lin), and SCHAUM/SHIEH (Rosalyne Shieh and Troy Schaum). An exhibition of the five finalists' proposed projects will be on view at The Museum of Modern Art from July 1 to September 4, 2017.

The YAP exhibition will also be hosted by our international partners at MMCA, Seoul, South Korea (Opening July 10, 2017) and CONSTRUCTO, Santiago, Chile (March 8 – April 30, 2018).

Now in its 18th edition, the Young Architects Program at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 has offered emerging architectural talent the opportunity to design and present innovative projects, challenging each year’s winners to develop creative designs for a temporary, outdoor installation that provides shade, seating, and water. The architects must also work within guidelines that address environmental issues, including sustainability and recycling.

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Keeping prices low and customers happy.

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44 is an online retailer promising savings and speedy delivery on millions of products in their catalog—everything from laundry detergent to loveseats. When the company grew from a few hundred employees to 1,300 people spread out across six offices in just six months, Jet needed to find an efficient way to connect all their employees and give them visibility into the extraordinary amount of product and customer data they need to keep the business running. Now Jet is using Slack as the central hub for employee communication while also using it to gather important system alerts and updates from the various applications they use.

With e-commerce, the store is never closed. Slack helps us get together quickly when there are issues. The ability to be always on, located in the same place, and have a common touch point where data can be shared is vital to us.

Jack Hanlon

To ensure customers are getting the best deals, Jet uses their real-time pricing engine that adjusts product prices minute-by-minute. The algorithm takes into account where products are located, which could be in Jet’s warehouses or one of thousands of warehouses and distribution centers Jet is partnered with across the United States. When a customer submits an order, Jet’s algorithm takes a product's price, shipping location, and shipping time (along with other key elements) into account to make sure the customer is getting the best deal.

One of the biggest challenges Hanlon and his team faced before using Slack was staying on top of all the automated alerts generated by the many apps they use to track product data. “No matter how good of a system you develop, it can get noisy,” says Hanlon. “The traditional method of sending out this type of communication is email, but people start ignoring it because their inbox already gets so much volume, so they naturally stop paying attention.”

"The traditional method of sending out this type of communication is email, but people start ignoring it because their inbox already gets so much volume, so they naturally stop paying attention."

Integrations like Jenkins for releases and Pagerduty for issue tracking help the team be even more productive by funneling alerts from multiple systems into separate channels in Slack, allowing stakeholders and team members from across the organization to view and discuss them. They’ve even set up their own bots and custom-built integrations that alert the team of issues with the website and monitor which orders are in the queue to be processed.

For example, one bot alerts team members of changes or anomalies in SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), like when a product suddenly starts to sell quickly, in unusually high quantities, or, conversely, when sales become abnormally slow. When this happens, their custom-built integration “Dr. Doom” (named in line with their superhero-themed tech systems) directly alerts the manager responsible for that product and its pricing. That manager can then immediately communicate both with the warehouse team and with other teams within the company to resolve the issue. This is tremendously important, Hanlon explains, given that any issue with product pricing or availability poses a big risk for the business.

Before we had one spot for all our updates, we lost a lot of time piecing together data from multiple sources. With Slack, we’re able to streamline that process very efficiently.

Unlike minimum defense frequency calculations, pot odds should be kept in mind virtually every hand. Pot odds are expressed as a ratio, such as 2-to-1, which can be converted into a percentage — 33% in this instance.

But you can skip those steps by using this formula:

(bet size) / (pot size + bet size + call size)

Multiply by 100 to express the result as a percentage.

Obviously pot odds have a number of uses from pre-flop to post-flop. When determining the optimal call range against a bet, pot odds are usually a more practical solution than the minimum defense frequency.

When facing a bet on the river, we can calculate our pot odds to work out how frequently we must be correct when calling. Below is a chart displaying pot odds with bet sizes commonly used:

As the chart shows, there is a noticeable difference between MDF percentages and pot odds percentages.

Let’s go back to that hand with ATs. This time we’ll use pot odds to make our river decision.

River (42BB) T 7 4 6 J Hero checks, CO bets 31.5BB

CO bet 75% pot on the river. In order for a call to profit, Hero has to have the best hand at least 30% of the time.

Let’s plug in the ranges and see if Hero has the equity needed:

ATs vs a range of straights, sets, two pairs and one likely bluffing hand (55)

Once again, Hero’s top pair falls short of a profitable call on this river.

When thinking about MDFs and pot odds, you should always consider the style and range of your opponent before reaching a decision.

As the earlier example showed, if you are up against a player who simply does not have many bluffs, then you’d be best to exploitatively fold often, particularly against weak opponents.

Both concepts can help you out at the table when necessary, but always consider the tendencies of the player that you are faced with when coming to a decision.

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or below.)

Minimum Defense Frequency vs Pot Odds

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I’m a professional poker player and one of the pros here on

I’m a WSOP Bracelet winner, LAPT (Latin American Poker Tour) tournament winner and a multi-million dollar winner of live online tournaments.

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